Dog Days Of Summer

July 3rd through August 11th. If you’re familiar with any place where there is an actual summer, then you’re no stranger to the dog days of summer. A phrase that means those dates are the hottest, and most sultry days of the summer. In fact at one time there were quite a bit of theories about this month, and eight day period. Most of those theories pertain to what the heat does to people, and animals. It was believed it could even make dogs mad! Well I for one believe it! Have you stepped outside today?!

We spent the last five days with my in laws. I always enjoy our time with them. My mother in law happens to be an excellent cook, and my father in law can regale one with his numerous stories, historical facts, political conversations, and one cannot forget his side splitting jokes! My wife, and mother in law don’t seem to think he’s all that funny, but I swear to you I cannot whatsoever keep myself from laughing almost every dang time! We even went to hang out with other family on my wife’s side, and had a wonderful time! Then again we always do. Don’t worry I won’t delve into anything off topic this time!

Anywho as I was saying these days can drive just about anyone out of their ever loving mind! Honestly I don’t know how I managed to actually work labor positions in the outside during the summer! Anymore the heat makes me myself batshit crazy! I easily get flustered if say for example I’m working on something, and it becomes increasingly difficult! To top it off I’m stubborn enough I won’t quickly recognize I’m overheating, and need to cool down! No I don’t get violent or anything like that, but my temper does get carried away, and I get crabby, and difficult myself! Ask my wife bless her heart she’s witnessed it. However, she’s the same exact way!

I mean ask yourself who isn’t! I used to live in Galveston Texas. That is one of if not the hottest, and most humid city in Texas! What’s even worse though is it’s a different heat! Oh yes it does exist very much so! It’s a scorching heat, and it will zap you quick, fast, and in a hurry! Have you ever noticed that places like the Panhandle have a different heat than say North Texas around Dallas, and the Red River region? Well it is, and Galveston is most definitely a different heat all it’s own! That has a lot to do with the earth’s distance from the sun in those areas. Now they’re by far from the hottest places on earth, but still get plenty hot, and humid due to the sun focusing it’s energy in those areas since they’re tilted closer to the sun. Anyway that’s all meteorological stuff we’ll avoid for now.

Still the fact remains that depending on where you are at in geospatial terms determines what kind of temps you’re going to face, and the truth of the matter is that the hotter it gets the easier it is for us to….snap! If you don’t believe me pay close attention to your temperament when you do yard work for example. Now some will argue with this, and say they love doing yard work. Great good for you, now please pay attention to what I said. I said for example not a literal since, and just because it’s not literal for you doesn’t mean it isn’t others. For me any length of time spent outside doing anything that requires me to sweat I find most irritating, and makes me boil quickly. It’s awful because it affects everyone around you, and if they don’t know you that well then it could lead them to believing you’re just difficult to deal with. However the reality is your body temperature is too high, and it’s causing you to lose some of your sanity quite literally!

Studies have found that tempers usually flare in hotter conditions because the body is dehydrated, and the temperature has gone too high for the body to handle causing what some say is the brain to shut down certain areas like reasoning, and logic thought process. So that in itself provides somewhat of an explanation as to why we get so short fused this time of year! So how do we combat that? It’s easy folks all you gotta do is first of all check your local forecast. If it’s going to be above 80 degrees Fahrenheit then count on it being hot! If it’s hot then you know you need to have plenty of water on you! Cold or ice water is fine, but not at first because if you’re too hot it can cause parts of your body to go into shock. Now I’m not saying it can kill you. There’s an argument for another time. I’m sure it could under the right conditions, but that’s not where I’m at.

On top of water keep some cold wet rags with you! Even one of those nifty little cooling tubes you can put on your neck. Anyway you go about staying cooled off during these hot, and humid days just make sure you do just that! Heat stroke is a real thing, as is heat exhaustion, and dehydration. All of which can, and will kill you if you’re not careful. All in all enjoy your summer, and be safe!

Until next time; take care, and God bless!

Published by Ricky Morgan

You’ll see when you read who I am, and that’s all you’ll ever need to know! Enjoy!

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